Overcome your crazy pants social eating habits, know what to eat
no matter your diet, and find your own intuitive food voice

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Are you…

– Still not sure WHAT foods you should be eating to feel your best?

– Feeling scattered and unclear throughout your day and crashing into your dinner plate every night?

– Feeling sluggish, tired and gross after a fun, but way overindulgent summer?

– Dreading your Saturday date night with your boyfriend because eating out throws everything off?

– Sick and tired of hating yourself after another night out with the girls?

During this call you will learn these exact tools:

– How to really KNOW what foods you want to be eating (and what they likely are and no this is not going to be another just cut out gluten and dairy convo)

– What it means to be your own guru and how that can serve you in any scenario when it comes to food – eating in groups, endless cakes and cookies at the office, and having ZERO time to feed and nourish yourself the way you would like

– And so much more (really I can be a bit of a revealing wild card during these calls!)

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